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Founded in 1989, 4D Concept offers a range of solutions, products and services in the field of editorial and technical content management, to help you create, use, publish and distribute all your cross-media content.

Today, it has more than 100 references around the world, 3 software packages, more than 15 solutions and services, 10 training courses, more than 20 partners and more than 100 projects all over France and around the world. The DITA Factory software suite, based on a powerful and customizable XML base, brings you all the benefits of the DITA standard: quality gain, ROI in localization, and unique features in ergonomics, control and interface functionality with your partners.

The suite streamlines the processes for creating, managing, validating, and translating your regulatory, user, or maintenance documentation through its business tools designed for writers and technical documentation managers.

It lets you get started quickly with turnkey installation for customers. As a web based application, it lets you configure profiles and validate workflows for different user business lines.

Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. Our creative, marketing and document solutions empower everyone — from emerging artists to global brands — to bring digital creations to life and deliver them to the right person at the right moment for the best results. Our award-winning software and technologies have set the gold standard in communication and collaboration for more than 30 years. Adobe’s Technical Communication group delivers best-in-class tools, systems and services that help businesses streamline content workflows end-to-end. With our cutting-edge solutions, teams can effortlessly collaborate on the creation of ground-breaking content, manage and reuse assets efficiently, and seamlessly publish it across multiple channels and devices. Published content can be tailored to audiences, increasing relevance and consumption. All this, and more, while offering the highest return on investment.

With the convergence of marketing and technical content across enterprises – Adobe’s enterprise-class DITA CCMS – XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager – will empower your organization to create valuable experiences that build your brands, drive demand, and extend the reach and ROI of customer-facing content, pre-sale and post-sale. Watch the product video http://bit.ly/2a8dYgA

XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager is built to dynamically deliver DITA content directly to Experience Manager, thereby offering highly interactive and personalized experiences to end users. Users can effectively manage all critical aspects of your enterprise content workflow such as authoring, web-based review and collaboration, translation, project management, digital asset management, reporting, and multichannel publishing. Organizations can benefit from a unified content strategy by bringing marketing and technical content to the same platform, making it easier to deliver a consistent user experience pre and post purchase.

Antenna House Formatter is the most powerful and widely used XSL-FO formatting software available for meeting the demanding needs of organizations to automatically produce complex page layouts and multilingual documents. Using the DITA Open Toolkit, Antenna House Formatter and the newly released  PDF5-ML plugin from Antenna House, organizations can quickly turn their DITA content into PDF and print documents.
Astoria Software is the world’s most successful Enterprise solution for XML Component Content Management to help companies engage with their customers. Cisco Systems, Xylem, ITT, Siemens Healthcare, Northrop Grumman, LexisNexis, ShoreTel, and other Forbes Global 2000 organizations rely on the Astoria platform to build meaningful, purposeful customer experiences around complex, business-critical content and documents. The Astoria platform’s reach extends to its web-based portal and to its mobile-device apps, forming an end-to-end solution that includes authoring, content management, and rendering systems, fully integrated and delivered on public or private clouds. Astoria Software, a division of TransPerfect, Inc., is based in San Francisco, California.
Bluestream’s flagship product is the XDocs Component Content Management System (CCMS), a standards-compliant single-sourcing solution that enables technical communicators to create, manage, and store large volumes of both XML and non-XML content. XDocs enables organizations of all sizes to realize the benefits of DITA at a lower cost than the competition while providing a comparable or better quality system—thus offering unparalleled value.

Bluestream customers range from Fortune 100 organizations seeking complex cross-departmental DITA solutions to small businesses containing single author documentation teams.

Bluestream has been in business since 1997 and has customers in many verticals, among them software, oil and gas, health care, military, manufacturing, and finance.

Componize is a DITA content management system that optimizes the authoring, management and publishing of high-volume product information. Used by thousands of technical writers and content contributors across Europe, North America and Asia, Componize has a proven track record in the automobile, software, high-tech, medical, education and publishing industries. Today, Componize is optimizing content strategy on an enterprise scale for SAP, Toyota, Kaplan and Merck, among others.
For over 35 years, Comtech Services has helped our clients design, create, and publish information products that meet the needs of their users. We offer a combination of training and consulting services to help you define and implement the infrastructure needed to meet the expectations of both your leadership and your users. At every point in the information development life cycle, we offer expert advice and guidance to help you improve your processes, get to know your audience, fine-tune your content, and use the latest standards and technologies. From process maturity assessments to information models, to stylesheets, you’ll find the support and training you need from our knowledgeable consulting team.
congility-logo-20160204-outlines Congility provide solutions for the publishing and intelligent delivery of structured content.

DITAweb is a leading user experience platform, enabling flexible collaboration and the intelligent delivery of structured content. DITAweb’s capabilities mean users benefit from the intelligence of your source content. Rich API’s enable integration with core systems, delivery to native mobile apps, and software for online or embedded help.

IdXML helps Designers work with complex DITA content without compromising their creativity by providing a method to import the structured content directly into Adobe InDesign. The Designer maintains control of the templates and Tech Pubs maintain control of the content.

For more information see Congility.com

Congree helps writers create great, consistent and compelling content.

Our linguistic intelligence software provides writing guidance and feedback according to your company’s unique style, branding and terminology guidelines.
In addition, our Authoring Memory alerts you to opportunities to reuse existing content instead of creating new, similar content. As you write, our software shows you similar sentences that have already been written, reviewed and translated.

This saves time for your writers and can significantly reduce your translation costs.

Congree seamlessly integrates in your authoring tool and works within the most popular editors on the market, so there’s no need to switch your writers to a new environment.

At Content Rules, we focus on three things: content strategy, content optimization, and content development. We help the most innovative companies in the world determine the content they need, how to manage it, and the most effective ways to create and deliver it. Our content strategists can work with your current content ecosystem or create a brand new one. Going global? That’s no problem. We work with your translation team to put great quality content in the hands of your multilingual customers on time and on budget. Need more content? Our vast network of seasoned professionals can augment your team. We create words, pictures, sounds, and videos. Whether you need pre-sales or post-sales content, our team can help. For more than 20 years, the largest and most innovative companies have trusted us Content Rules with their content needs. Put us to work on yours.
DCL (www.dclab.com) provides data and content transformation services and solutions. Using the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, DCL helps businesses organize and structure data and content for modern technologies and platforms.

DCL’s Harmonizer software identifies reusable and duplicate content across large data collections. Once identified, DCL uses sophisticated automated technology to transform content sets to DITA or any structured markup your organization requires.

With expertise across many industries including manufacturing, life sciences, government, publishing, technology and professional organizations, DCL uses its advanced technology and U.S.-based project management teams to solve the most complex conversion challenges securely, accurately and on time.

easyDITA is a DITA standards-based Component Content Management System (CCMS) that turns your content into flexible, actionable, and manageable data. By structuring content like data, you open up a host of ways to leverage that content across your organization, including documentation, customer support, marketing, human resource, regulatory compliance, and more. easyDITA is a platform designed to facilitate every step of that process. We believe that our solution can improve the ways you leverage the value of your information.
Etteplan specializes in engineering, embedded systems, IoT, and technical documentation solutions. Our expertise covers the entire life cycle of our customers’ products. We help customers optimize their technical documentation to increase cost efficiency, operational flexibly, improve customer experience, and provide advance software solutions like our HyperSTE content quality software, service information systems, content management systems, and augmented reality solutions. In 2016 Etteplan had a turnover of EUR 183.9 million, we employ more than 2,800 experts in Europe, Asia and North America. Etteplan’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd under the ETT1V ticker.
Fluid Topics unlocks the delivery of technical content through any channel.

User guides, reference manuals, installation and maintenance manuals and knowledge bases aren’t merely product documentation – they are also tools for winning business, increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty.

Fluid Topics is a revolutionary turnkey platform for dynamic content delivery: it transforms all forms of static documentation into a lively, simple and interactive online publishing system. Users can browse, read, search, annotate, comment, create alerts, send feedback to writers, and even create personalized documentation.

For more information and a free trial, visit http://www.fluidtopics.com

Ingeniux is a leading provider of web content management and digital experience software. Our solutions enable organizations to orchestrate the entire customer experience – from acquisition through to support and service – on any device, application, or website. Ingeniux CMS is designed to manage and deliver modern websites, customer support portals, online communities, and other customer touchpoints.

At Ingeniux, we build content management software with an unparalleled focus on the content itself. We believe in intelligent “structured” content. We design our software to enable content reuse, true mobile and multi-channel content delivery, and insightful content discovery. Our unique content-as-a-service capabilities deliver content into web and mobile applications, and other key channels.
Ingeniux software is available as a fully managed software service or an on-premise application. Our team delivers unparalleled service and support to customers worldwide.

To learn more at https://www.ingeniux.com.

ixiasoft_2014 Founded in 1998, IXIASOFT is a trusted global leader in XML content management software. The company’s signature product IXIASOFT CCMS is an award-winning, end-to-end component content management solution (CCMS) used by industry leaders such as Mastercard, Ericsson, Komatsu, Omron, Qualcomm, and SAP. From authoring to reviewing, localizing and publishing, IXIASOFT CCMS provides all the tools required for large, global organizations to support their entire DITA documentation process. IXIASOFT is also the developer of TEXTML Server, a native XML database and powerful search engine. IXIASOFT solutions are accessed by thousands of users worldwide in various vertical markets such as software, telecommunications, heavy machine and medical device manufacturing. For more information, please visit http://www.ixiasoft.com or connect with IXIASOFT on Twitter and LinkedIn.
JANA is a leading technical documentation services company with more than 45 years of experience in providing best-in-class technical data authoring and management services.

Our service and software solutions, including those offered by our new Life Sciences division, are employed by many of the nation’s biggest and most successful high-tech companies.

JANA’s foundation is the belief that the basic requirements for a successful data management strategy – reliable, scalable services supported by well-established, repeatable processes – do not change.

JANA’s clients will always be able to rely on the quality of our people and the quality of our processes to provide… The right solutions, right now.

“All the power, one tenth of the time.”

That’s the deal with MiramoPDF for DITA.

Produce beautiful document designs in minutes, and change ’em quicker than changing your socks. Without encountering a line of XSL:FO.

Integrate MiramoPDF with any publishing environment, or slot it in with the DITA-OT and your XML editor and DITA CCMS of choice.

MiramoPDF is a no compromise solution. With its GUI template designer, you can design the document layouts you need and define all properties of text and graphic objects. All the power is in the user’s hands with a click of a mouse. No need for XSL:FO consultants or expertise.

MiramoPDF is a revolutionary solution that combines highest capabilities & flexibility with convenience and low implementation and maintenance costs.

Visit DITA North America 2020 and see a miracle.

Oberon Technologies is an expert systems integrator with extensive experience working with leading content technologies, industry standards (i.e.XML, DITA) and development methodologies. Oberon helps organizations leverage the right tools to create, manage and deliver content that is optimized for all delivery formats. With a proven track record of success, the highest integrity and 100% customer success, Oberon Technologies experts are unmatched in their ability to successfully implement and customize solutions to meet your content needs.
Orbis Technologies, Inc. is an established global leader in delivering innovative technology to companies ranging from Fortune 50 to the Federal government. Orbis is recognized for its advanced semantic driven enterprise content management platforms and highly specialized cloud analytics software. Their elite team of subject-matter experts help clients assess, optimize, and build next-generation digital content platforms.
Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, Ovitas provides consultancy, expert design, development, and deployment of content lifecycle solutions. We build solutions to fit your needs, using proven software products including Ovitas CMS, Ovitas Workflow Portal, Ovitas Publishing Bridge, The Ovitas TMS Bridge, and the Ovitas Portal Framework. These highly configurable tools for component content management, workflow, search & retrieval, and content integration let us build cost-effective solutions targeted at your highest priority business issues.
Oxygen provides a comprehensive suite of XML authoring, developing, publishing, and collaboration tools. The products are designed to accommodate a large variety of users, ranging from non-technical users to XML experts, and integrates all the major XML-based technologies (including DITA). They are available on multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, etc.) and in various different forms (as a desktop application, Eclipse plugin, or browser-based tool).

The suite of products include:

  • Oxygen XML Editor: All-in-one comprehensive XML authoring, publishing, and developing tool.
  • Oxygen XML Author: User-friendly, visual XML authoring and publishing tool.
  • Oxygen XML Web Author: Intuitive XML editing and reviewing tool in any modern web browser.
  • Oxygen XML Developer: Industry-leading tool for designing XML Schema and transformation pipelines.
  • Oxygen WebHelp: Convenient, interactive tool for publishing DITA and DocBook content on the web.
  • Oxygen Content Fusion: Easy to use, flexible collaboration platform for any type of documentation workflow.
  • Oxygen PDF Chemistry: Simple way to obtain PDF output from XML or HTML documents by styling with CSS.
  • Oxygen Feedback: A modern comment management platform that provides easy interaction with your community.
  Precision Content Authoring Solutions Inc. is a full-service solution provider to medium- and large-scale organizations around the globe seeking help to better understand and solve their content challenges. Our core services involve designing and implementing innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions for authoring, managing, and publishing high-value content. Our approach involves examining the utility, usability, and maintainability of your content with a view to developing a comprehensive content strategy for your business. Our highly-respected technical team of developers, information architects, and technology partners, such as easyDITA, DITA InPrint, and Simply XML work to construct scalable, standards-based tool solutions. We work closely with you to transform your unstructured content into highly-usable intelligent content for substantially improved future-proofing, accessibility, and multi-channel publishing capabilities. Once we are done, our trainers teach you everything you need to know to ensure a successful and sustainable hand-off.
PTC logo PTC helps companies around the world reinvent the way they design, manufacture, operate, and service things in and for a smart, connected world.

In 1986 we revolutionized digital 3D design, and in 1998 were first to market with Internet-based product lifecycle management. Today, our leading industrial innovation platform and field-proven solutions enable you to unlock value at the convergence of the physical and digital worlds.

With PTC, manufacturers and an ecosystem of partners and developers can capitalize on the promise of the Internet of Things and augmented reality technology today and drive the future of innovation.

Your product content plays a vital role in achieving your business goals. An effective content strategy is the difference between making content an asset or letting it be a liability. We’re Scriptorium Publishing, and since 1997, we’ve helped companies like yours manage, structure, organize, and distribute content in an efficient way. We’re the content strategy experts. Let us prove it to you.

Visit http://www.scriptorium.com for more information.

SDL (LSE:SDL) is the global innovator in language translation technology, services and content management. With more than 25 years of experience, SDL delivers transformative business results by enabling powerfully nuanced digital experiences with customers around the world.

Are you in the know? Find out why the top global brands use SDL at SDL.com and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

We do things differently. Our customers want to do it themselves but they don’t want to do it alone.

Single-Sourcing Solutions can help you solve your product information delivery challenges so that you can boost revenue and expand your global presence. We specialize in XML authoring and publishing with particular attention to DITA and S1000D standards. We also resell, implement and train clients on the PTC Arbortext product suite.

Stilo provides exceptional tools to help organizations implement structured content solutions using XML. Our tools help organizations to automate the conversion of content to XML, author new content in XML format (particularly those with no knowledge of XML), and to build XML content processing components integral to enterprise-level publishing solutions.

Products include OmniMark, a specialist programming language for developing high-performance XML/SGML content processing applications; Migrate, a unique cloud service that enables technical authoring teams to automate the conversion of their content to DITA and custom XML; AuthorBridge, a web based XML editor that enables SMEs to easily create structured content without requiring any knowledge of XML, and OptimizeR, a content optimization tool that enables users to automatically identify reuse potential across their DITA content and publish more consistent content, faster.

Operating from offices in the UK and Canada, we support commercial publishers, technology companies and government agencies around the world. For further information, please visit our website at www.stilo.com or follow @StiloInt on Twitter.

Typefi is a global leader in single-source automated publishing, leveraging the power of XML and the professional design capabilities of InDesign Server to enable rapid, multi-format publishing without compromise.

Leave the time-consuming grunt work of layout and composition to Typefi and focus on what really matters—quality content and rich design!

  • Pull DITA or other XML content directly from your CMS to rapidly produce flawlessly designed content in multiple formats, including PDF, EPUB, and HTML.
  • Empower SMEs to publish technical documents that completely adhere to your marketing team’s brand guidelines, without ever touching a design program.
  • Slash publishing production time—and costs—by up to 80%, even for complex technical publications and highly detailed parts and price lists.
  • Fully leverage your investment in DITA and your CMS by making content reuse fast and easy.
  • Eliminate manual typesetting errors by maintaining one set of data which is used to automatically produce all outputs.
  • Easily rectify errors or make changes to content and design at any stage of the production process.
  • Rapidly publish your content in hundreds of languages using a single template.
zoomin_black_2016 Zoomin helps organizations provide an excellent digital experience for their technical documentation content, across all customer touch points quickly, easily and precisely. Global brands like Dell, ServiceNow, Hitachi and Cisco trust Zoomin to deliver their content to documentation portals, knowledge bases, call centers, search engines, customer communities and to devices that are connected to the Internet of Things.