Trade-offs: The Pros and Cons of Moving to a DITA-based Content Architecture

Moving to DITA and topic-based authoring brings tremendous benefits to an organization. This is well known. It also introduces new headaches. Come to this session to hear from a grassroots leader who moved her content organization from DTP to DITA, and then automated the publishing to a well-known web CMS. There were frustrations and victories along the way, but the team is in a way better place than 11 years ago.

What can the audience expect to learn?

So many people are trying to figure out if DITA is right for their organization. I get asked regularly how I went about it. I’d like to “pay it forward” by sharing some things I’ve learned, including recovering from bad decisions or indecision.

Meet the presenter

Tracy Baker is a veteran technical communicator with over 30 years experience in technical writing, content architecture, content strategy, and wine consumption. She loves finding efficiencies, reducing complexities, snorkeling in Hawaii, and helping others be successful. Solving hard problems with elegant solutions is her career happy place. Come to her session to confirm you are not alone in whatever phase of the DITA journey you’re in, pick up a few tips, and realize that Donna Summer was right…you will survive (the move to DITA).

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