Putting Darwin Back Into DITA With an Agile Evolution

For the past decade, Componize has been helping international businesses like Toyota, SAP and Airbus make the transition to DITA. During this time, we’ve had a lot of time to get to know our clients, as well as a range of other potential customers – we understand their needs and we understand their challenges. DITA is clearly a highly acclaimed editorial format, but we’ve noticed a recurring theme when discussing its limitations:
• DITA benefits can often be offset by cumbersome aspects of the user journey. Users feel frustrated that it doesn’t fit with their Agile processes, and additional costs materialise.
• SMEs hold vital knowledge on the intricacies of a business, but it’s too difficult to integrate them into the authoring process because they’re very rarely trained, and ‘intuitive’ XML editors have been difficult to navigate for the uninitiated.
We needed a period of honest reflection: Can the advent of agile methodologies revitalise content creation and maintenance? What role should SMEs be playing in the future of information sharing? It was clear that something needed to change.

Thus, our presentation will unveil a Darwinian evolution of our platform – an entirely reinvented end-to-end journey of agile DITA content management. We’re unleashing DITA’s true potential by streamlining processes and opening doors to a whole new world of simplified content contribution for SMEs.

Meet the presenters

This presentation will be presented by Frank Shipley and Jean-Luc BORIE, respectively CTO and CEO of Componize Software.

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