Making DITA  Authoring “Easier”

DITA is very powerful and provides the structure for nearly any type of document, as a result, it’s also often too complex for many authors. So, they resist and give up on DITA missing out on the valuable opportunities it can provide for reuse, collaboration and automated publishing. Oberon experts have Best Practices that can make DITA authoring easy for even the most novice writer.

This presentation will provide Best Practices to make almost anyone a DITA content contributor and make your Authors lives much easier.

What can the audience expect to learn?

It will provide attendees with best practices and helpful techniques proven in production environments to simplify the Authoring process when using DITA. Best practices will include tools configuration, content modeling, and browser based authoring.

Meet the presenter

Todd Burdin is a senior solution architect and strategic business consultant with 25+ years of software development and business consulting expertise, encompassing the entire content development lifecycle. He has extensive experience delivering innovative enterprise solutions for content management, structured authoring, and publishing to a diverse set of industries, including equipment manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, legal, publishing, and financial industry.

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