From Audit Spreadsheets to DITA-XML Pilot Project

You are still hesitant in front of the pile of legacy content you should analyse or you have already invested a lot of effort into conducting a content audit, and celebrated the information model milestone. The next entry in your schedule reads: take a deep breath and enrole some volunteers to start creating topics and validate that information model.

Bad news is, there is no way around the huge auditing spreadsheets; Good news is, you can benefit from them, by generating your pilot project on the fly.

Let’s turn the taxonomy structure, the information model, and the topics matrix from spreadsheets to a DITA-XML pilot project.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Although valuable prerequisites in an implementation project, the research and analysis phases are often done in a rush, if not skipped altogether. They take time and expertise, that are challenging the budgets, the patience, and the focus of any project stakeholders. By having a means to quickly turn the outcomes of a content audit (the taxonomy structure and the information models) into a pilot project will provide one more reason to justify the audit and will ensure a palpable deliverable a lot quicker in the project.

Meet the presenter

Magda Caloian (@thinkDITA) is Information Architect at Vestas Wind Systems A/S in Denmark and founder of DITA users meetups by Lake Constance, Germany. Her work has a double focus: “I assist content writers and managers to discover and adopt the best author experience for their teams; at the same time, I remind writers that documentation has to be easy to find, easy to understand, easy to use.” Her over 15-year experience in technical communication as Information Architect, Consultant and DITA Trainer, along with a BA in Management, an MSc in Project Management, and tekom certification in Technical Communication, shaped an interesting mix of expertise in structured documentation, DITA, and information systems implementation.

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