Applying DITA to the Next Generation of Health Information

At EBSCO Health we provide evidence-based reference information, skills, patient information resources, and shared-decision tools that inform the global healthcare industry. We initially adopted a more generic approach to DITA, but as our product delivery needs evolve, we are finding need for a more flexible, granular content model. As such we are now delving into a new EBSCO Health content model that better suits the needs of all of our content infrastructures, beginning with content which supports our patient/physician decision tools. The new “unit model” will help us achieve our vision of delivering content using a platform-based approach, providing more opportunities for reusability across our current product lines, and provisioning a Content as a Service (CaaS) that dynamically delivers content to partners, customer integrations, and EHR systems. In this session we will sketch out our journey with DITA, introduce the thinking around the unit model, and demonstrate a new interactive decision support application that showcases what we are seeking to enable.

What can the audience expect to learn?

* A view at a strategic alternative to fully modeling content up-front
* A glimpse at how DITA may be employed to gradually unify siloed content
* An example of modeling content-driven UI components for flexible UI design

The story of EBSCO’s journey will be told by:

Lee Bryars: Lee holds a Master’s in Library and Information Studies, has been working with content at EBSCO since 2010, and is the latest addition to the Content Engineering team. When she’s not wrangling content she is reading, cooking, or hanging out with her family.

Scott Farrar:  Content Engineer for EBSCO’s medical reference product line, bringing DITA and years of XML experience to into one of the few areas where EBSCO authors its own content. Scott is a librarian (a.k.a. “standards-junkie”) by education, and when not at work is often cooking, singing choral music, or playing video games with his two children.

Joe Gollner:  Joe Gollner is the Managing Director of Gnostyx Research Inc. (, a member of the CIDM Advisory Council, a veteran implementer of content technologies, and a blogging Content Philosopher (

Samar Guleria: An Agile Product Manager for the EBSCO health products, which delivers clinical decision support solutions, healthcare business intelligence, and medical reference information. Samar has a passion for roles that bridge the gap between technology and people whether that involves software development, business development or product management.

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