Designing Docs for the Next Generation of Intent-based Information Architecture

Enterprises invest heavily in product designs, while documentation is often an afterthought. However, Documentation completes the user experience of a product, and is hence, an integral part of the product design. A good Information Design resonates with a well-articulated product design and is an essential part of an enhanced product experience. It saves valuable time, eases frustration, and provides customers a hand holding and seamless experience in getting their tasks completed while getting insights into the product.

Technical Communicators need to approach Information Design with a rigorous method to improve the holistic experience of usage of a product. The method explored in the scope of this paper attempts at a perspective on Information Design, from the Products User-Experience.

What can the audience expect to learn?

It introduces a new design methodology that walks the audience through primary and secondary affordances, signifiers, mapping, constraints, feedback and feed-forward – all powerful ideas that helps demystify contemporary IA paradigms and helps them leverage their existing documentation libraries to better hand-hold customers into a seamless Intent-based Information Architecture.

Meet the presenter

Vishal George Palliyathu is a seasoned Information Developer at Cisco, and has led several transformation and migration efforts with a strong focus on better information design and UX during his decade long experience at IBM. He has experience across various facets of Technical Literature Publishing – as a DITA Strategist, Information Architect, Editor, Author, Build Smith and an Inventor with five patents and a paper published on the DITA framework. He has also presented at DITA Europe, tcworld, STC Summit and various other conferences.

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