Who Are You? Developing a Company Voice That is Consistent not Robotic

When we talk about company voice, there is a tension: How do we unify our writing without flattening it?

Developing a company voice requires a discussion about what kind of company you’re a part of, and in this talk, Jarod Sickler will provide the tools to initiate or further that discussion.

Jarod will provide a series of questions, reflections, and tools based on his own experience transitioning from an academic writer to leading an Information Development team at a software company.

We’ll examine if and to what extent you should structure your collective voice:
How strictly should your style guide be written?
Should writers have distinct styles?
How can you enforce consistency without sounding robotic?
Should you create a company specific information model?
How does overall company content strategy come into play?

Additionally, all attendees will receive a copy of the Jorsek Content Development Guide. This guide includes our style guide, information model, and information model all in one document. It contains the essentials and serves as a terrific starting point for companies trying to build their own content development strategies.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This talk will empower authors and content strategists interested in developing their company voice.

All attendees will gain clarity on what to prioritize in this process, what questions to ask, and how to move forward.

All attendees will also receive a copy of Jorsek’s Content Development Guide – style guide, information model, and information model all

Meet the presenter

Jarod Sickler is a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Rochester, an Information Developer, and a Customer Success Manager at Jorsek Inc. makers of easyDITA.

Most of Jarod’s time is revolves around developing clear, precise, and concise content and arguments. Any remaining time, Jarod spends in the outdoors, with his family, climbing rocks and ice.

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