Preserving Intelligent DITA Content Through Delivery Channels

Avoid dumb delivery! You have made the investment and commitment to migrate your critical content to XML and DITA. Now, what do you do with it? One practical application is transforming and using this smart content with Expert Diagnostics Solutions. Deliver your Intelligent Content to guided troubleshooting and diagnostics knowledge portals for call center and field service applications to give the best possible experience.

What can the audience expect to learn?

We all discuss XML and DITA, and the many benefits of working in structured content, but most of the time we don’t talk about practical applications that have real world benefit. This example will show how the investment in structured content and DITA can be preserved and leveraged.

Meet the presenter

Charles Andrews is a director at Ovitas, Inc. in Burlington, MA. He has deep experience working with organizations in the structured and unstructured content life cycle management arena. He has participated in the evolution and implementation of content management from early editorial systems, through the development of structured content solutions for government and industry, to today’s confluence of enterprise information management and social media. Andrews works with organizations in healthcare, manufacturing, standards, and global accounting markets.

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