DITA: Beyond Tools

DITA seems to be springing up everywhere. How do you get people of different backgrounds, with different needs and skills, to collaborate. Authors, editors, reviewers, and so many more…

This session explores content across tools. Starting as Word, imported to a CCMS, migrated to unstructured content, converted to structured, authored in one CCMS and reviewed in another. Each vendor will have their own unique vision for your content, but in this session you get to see maps, topics, tasks, concepts, and references created and worked with across multiple tools, published to multiple deliverables.

This session shows you how content can be worked with from a wide range of sources with the ultimate goal of one set of DITA content, unified, and reused across platforms and tools to ensure everyone can contribute to the best of their abilities and consume content based on any need.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Vendors are geared to their tools. This session shows at least 2 CCMS tools, at least 3 ways to edit content, and the ability to work between them. This helps the audience understand that a solution doesn’t have to be just one tool from just one vendor. It opens the door to finding the right combination.

Meet the presenter

Bernard Aschwanden, and his company Publishing Smarter, help clients reduce costs and improve the quality of content. A past President of the Society for Technical Communications, he trains, writes, and presents on communications, publishing, and single-source reuse. Publishing Smarter helps companies automate content processes to publish better, faster, and smarter to provide the maximum return on investments.

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