Herding Content – Content Management Reinvented

What do you do when you are faced with more than 15,000 DITA topics, lots of spaghetti reuse, a staggering amount of unorganized metadata, and an ever growing content base? You can either buy a content management solution or design and implement your own. At Salesforce, we embarked on a journey to do the latter. Over the course of a year, we redesigned our content repo structure, created custom DITA 1.3 DTDs with constraints and specializations, cleaned up bad reuse and reapplied proper DITA reuse mechanisms, created classification maps, subject schemes and key definitions for metadata, and pulled it all together with oXygen projects. In this presentation we share our journey, the obstacles we faced and the solutions we implemented.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation will benefit everyone who is interested in content structure and reuse, and wants to learn more about how to organize metadata in classification maps and subject schemes, and why DITA is the way to go. I’ll share the mistakes we made in the past and how we fixed them, how to use automation to clean up existing content.

Meet the presenters

Sabine Bennett is the Information Architect for the technical documentation team at Salesforce. After obtaining her PhD in Meteorology, she got sidetracked into technical journalism and technical writing. She’s been with Salesforce for 9 years, where she is responsible for all things IA, like DITA, taxonomy, and metadata. When she’s not wrangling IA, she spends her time kayaking, hiking, growing succulents, and traveling.

Frank Miller is Founder, President, and Principal at Ryffine. He has been serving in the structured content industry since 2005, working closely with information development professionals to transform their content and their organizations.

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