Automating the UI Image Translation Workflow

Objective: Automatically translate all screenshots in a Technical Publication with the same translations used by the software team.

Images in DITA are notoriously difficult to translate.

DITA does not allow for overlays, and so the traditional method used in FrameMaker of taking a screenshot, erasing the UI Labels and then overlaying text boxes that contain variables for translation does not work when you migrate to DITA.

This talk focuses on what we have done here at GE Healthcare to overcome this issue.
My presentation will focus on the Tools required, and the Translation workflow and actors required to automate the translation of software created in English to 27 Languages.

I intend talking about the constraints, the difficulties, the partnerships that need to be forged with both the software development team and the Translation department.

Slides will describe each stage of the Translation Lifecyle.

Tools list:
CCMS: Astoria
DITA Editor: Oxygen Author
SVG Editor: Microsoft Visio
Translation Management: Passolo, SDL TMS

What can the audience expect to learn?

Not many people have thought of this way of localising User Interfaces. At the last 2 DITA Europe conferences, I discussed this subject with other participants, and have had a few contact me afterwards to better understand the process. It is an innovative way to automate UI Localisation.

Meet the presenter

Originally from the UK, Dipo Ajose Coker began his career as a TEFL English teacher and Information Technology instructor. Now based in France, Dipo has spent over 15 years combining his language and IT skills as a technical writer and editor.

He enjoys helping others to learn, supporting his colleagues on the Mammography technical writing team at GE Healthcare, and teaching MS Office Skills at Paris Diderot University.

Dipo holds an MA in Multimedia and Multilingual Document Design, and together with DCL, began migration of GE Healthcare’s Mammography documentation from FrameMaker to DITA in 2018.

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