Best Practices for Automated Conversions and Beyond: Building a feedback loop for continuous improvement, onboarding, and assessment

You’ve made the decision to move to DITA. And you’ve heard conflicting opinions on whether it makes sense to automate a conversion or simply rewrite the content. Bill Gearhart, Senior Consultant with Ryffine, will quiz his panel of leaders who successfully made the transition to DITA through automation. We’ll cover the end-to-end process in depth, provide lessons learned, and give you insights on what works well, what doesn’t, and what we would or would not do over again. Specifically, we will discuss:
* Coordinating the conversion with your information model
* Assessing your content
* Establishing a system for gathering feedback
* Getting to “vanilla” DITA
* Infotyping
* Applying metadata
* Handling reuse
* Putting it all into production
* Extending the conversion for future use

What can the audience expect to learn?

Make sure the move to a new structured authoring environment is a smooth one. The panel will help you in determining the content that is best suited for migration and what should be left behind. We’ll address the importance of developing your information model as the basis for automation, active inspection throughout the process, automated reporting, and continuous improvement.

Meet the presenter

As a senior consultant with Ryffine, Bill specializes in minimalism, user-centered design, and information modeling for single-sourcing and migration to DITA.

A technical communications “lifer,” he draws on over 25 years of experience in developing and managing information and leading innovative global teams.

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