Introducing the new Publishing Map in DITA 2.0

Gershon Joseph is leading the development of a new, next generation publishing map that is being architected to avoid the flaws of the current bookmap architecture, while simplifying ease-of-use for authors with the power of the various DITA 2.0 reuse and profiling features. Gershon will present the proposal and walk through some use cases. After the presentation, Gershon will be happy to take feedback from the audience on their use cases as well as ideas for enhancements to the proposal.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Everyone who uses DITA complains about the complexity and illogical architecture of the bookmap, as well as its many limitations. The audience will get a look at the new publishing map proposal, with an in-depth review of how it works, and how it solves the challenges and issues with the legacy bookmap.

Meet the presenter

Gershon Joseph was born and raised in South Africa, where he obtained his BSc in Mechanical Engineering, majoring in Aeronautical Engineering. In 1994 he moved to Israel with his young family, where he worked as a Senior Technical Writer. Over the past 30 years, he documented many highly technical systems, as well as developed solutions to develop, manage, localize, and deliver product documentation. His clients include Cisco, IBM, HP, Kodak, ITT, and Johnson & Johnson, where he moved documentation and instructional design teams to modern DITA XML component content management systems. Gershon is an active participant on the Oasis Open DITA Technical Committee and DITA Adoption Technical Committee. He also held the position of Chief Architect for Content Services at Cisco, where he worked for 10 years, leading some of Cisco IT’s most successful strategic projects, such as the SalesConnect content delivery system. Today, Gershon works for Precision Content Authoring Services as a Content Strategist and Senior Information Architect.

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