Using Key References, Warehouse Topics, and Ditaval Files to Rebrand Documents for OEMs

Rebranding a library of documents for a single customer can take months without prior planning and a strategy for reuse with substitution.

Tridium sells a software framework that is rebranded by many customers. By providing our customers with “branded” documentation that meets their unique requirements we deliver a highly desirable service and add significant value to the product. This presentation describes and demonstrates how we have shortened our PDF and HTML document branding process time from days and weeks to minutes and hours. We will show attendees how we have worked closely with OEMs to setup branding methods that take advantage of DITA key references and Ditaval files. Following are some of the items that we will describe and demonstrate in the presentation:

  •  How we setup Key References and Keydef Maps
  •  How we design and use Warehouse Topics for branding and consistency
  •  How and why we use Ditaval files in the branding process
  •  How we use a Branded Bookmaps to control branding from the top down
  •  How we work with our OEM customer to meet their specific branding needs

What can the audience expect to learn?

  • Attendees will see how to put their DITA documents to work with:
  •  Key References and Keydef Maps
  •  Warehouse Topics that work for authors and customers
  •  Ditaval files that are judiciously used in the branding process
  •  “Super” Bookmaps, that are used to isolate and control your customer’s branded content

Meet the presenter

Julie Atkins is an experienced senior technical writer who specializes in topic authoring using DITA-based schema to create and deliver audience-appropriate technical information via print and online media. She develops technical writing practices and procedures, is an experienced computer systems analyst with significant knowledge of hardware and software product development, and has worked with translation and localization services.

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