Do you want be a player in DX, IoT advancements, and your documentation benefited from being connected? Wait a minute, guys! There is a catch…

Even though XML based modular content development & Component Content Management are adopted slowly but steadily in Japanese manufactures for years, there are still some opting to use traditional content development tools such as MS Word, Adobe InDesign and Adobe FrameMaker. One of the reasons is that these tools are endorsed by JTCA, Japan Technical Communicators Association, and also supported by technical communicators for years. They want to use these familiar and endorsed tools because efficiencies in these tools are what they are wanted by their clients and managers. However, the things are changing now because of DX, IoT as outside marketing & infrastructure requirements. Now, the compromised modular text-based structural data transmission & processing are required along side of standardized metadata.

One possible strategy to overcome this paradigm is to make all these JTCA endorsed & popular tools, DITA-enabled, CCMS-enabled and Intelligent. InfoParse has been working on this strategy with strategic partners both locally & globally for years and this year, we have reached a point that we can demonstrate these solutions and client use-cases in typical DITA CCMS environments.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Our strategy & use-cases will make content developers and managers change their mindsets that DITA can be very flexible, configurable and open to any non XML specific tools if you have smart thinking & technologies. Balancing things out is what I recommend most, especially if you want to scale out DITA adoption.

Meet the presenter

Tetsuya Sekine is a founder and a president of an independent content strategy organization in Japan. Strategically partnering with partners in Europe, US and APAC, InfoParse has been providing “DITA enabled Smart Intelligent Content Solution”, based on AX focused structured content development framework and component content management technology. InfoParse has been implementing Bluestream XDocs for years and has been customizing & added values to related components, including oXygen, Content Mapper, FrameMaker, IdXML, SuiteHelp, and more. Mr. Sekine has been known as “Mr. DITA Japan”, contributing his times as volunteer to OASIS TC community for years and DITA vendor community starting from SDL DITA specialist.Mr.Sekine is also a regular presenter & panelist in JTCA (Japan Technical Communicators Association) and DCJ (DITA Consortium Japan) and his own DITA & CCMS professional community JDIG (Japan DITA Interest Group).

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