Design Evolution

Join Dee Beck, McAfee Content Engineer through the evolution of a design idea from “pencil” sketches to black-and-white wireframes to full-color design mockups. In this presentation, she will show images from each design phase and discuss

  • How the Cores & Paths method gave insight into what content was core to the site and specific documents.
  • How user study feedback influenced the wireframes and final design.
  • How branding guidance affected the final design.

What can the audience expect to learn?

The presentation will discuss how input from different people and places informed and influenced the design and how each version of the design moved the project forward.

Meet the presenter

As the Lead of the Information Architecture group at McAfee, I am responsible for the findability and usability of our Enterprise Product Documentation portal ( Since 2009, I’ve lead our technical team to lay down the foundation of DITA and CCMS towards the executing the vision of personalized content delivery. I have over 30 years of experience in information development and a decade working with DITA and the DITA-OT.

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