Intelligent Microcontent and the 5 Moments of Need

Microcontent is an extraordinary point of convergence between all types of business content including product, marketing, support, and learning. At the microcontent level, the context of business function fades allowing microcontent to move more fluidly between functions. This is particularly evident in the development of performance support and microlearning.

Intelligent microcontent is designed to scale from traditional book-based publishing down to voice-enabled responses using the same source of content. This strategy translates into new ways of designing learning materials that scale down from classroom instruction to just-in-time microlearning covering the spectrum of the 5 moments of need.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Participants will learn about the
– story of microcontent and information 4.0
– 4 principles of intelligent microcontent
– 5 moments of need, and
– collaborative authoring and publishing practices to support the learning needs of the organization.

Meet the presenter

Rob Hanna co-founded Precision Content in 2013 to change the way writers approach structured authoring. Having spent more than decade helping organizations move to component content management he realized that organizations need to take a step beyond technology and expert consultants. Without fostering the necessary standards and skills to work in this new media, organizations would continue to stall in their attempt to move to structured authoring. With this knowledge, he developed the Precision Content® methods, tools, and training. Today, Rob and his team of experts help their clients move to structured authoring as seamlessly as possible.

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