Managing Too Many Versions in a Single Branch

As we work with Agile Development and Continuous Delivery, we often have to maintain multiple versions of documentation. We also have to handle new or updated features that may or may not be released with any number of versions at the last minute. DITA gives us the tools to do it, but maintaining them by hand can be an onerous task. Follow one method of maintaining dozens of features (~90) and dozens of versions (~50) in a single branch of Git using spreadsheets, ditavals, XSLT, and a bit of automation.

What can the audience expect to learn?

DITA gives us the tools to solve complicated problems maintaining dozens of versions, but we can all use tips and tricks on how to use the tools. Maintaining dozens of ditavals by hand is untenable, but you can do it with a spreadsheet and some XSLT.

Meet the presenter

Zoë LawsonZoë Lawson has been working with DITA for over 12 years, first as a writer, then as a tools specialist automating various phases of writing and publishing DITA, as well as migrating content to DITA. Currently a member of the OASIS DITA Technical Council.


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