Going The Distance: Migrating learning content to DITA L&T while implementing a new CCMS

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is a global professional body for the insurance and financial planning profession with over 125,000 members in 150 countries. They deliver assessments supported by distance learning solutions to 70,000 learners a year. They’ve been managing their distance learning content in XML and a CMS for some years, for both print and digital delivery. But in order to fully realize the re-use potential of this large body of content and to become more agile and efficient, they have recently migrated their content to a DITA L&T architecture, and implemented a new DITA CCMS.

Join us to hear how CII planned their structured content migration, the challenges and benefits they’ve encountered, and the advantages DITA L&T offered them over other XML standards.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Through learning about CII’s experience, the audience will understand how to plan and execute a migration from structured content to DITA L&T, and a migration from a CMS to a DITA CCMS. In particular, we’ll share lessons learned about:
– Planning and resourcing the migration
– Content analysis
– Technical and change management challenges
– Benefits expected and realized.

Meet the presenter

Maura has over 20 years’ experience helping organizations drive value through improved content strategy, content management systems and tools, and workflow improvements. She has a particularly strong background in commercial publishing, having worked with many of the world’s premier publishing firms including Pearson, Elsevier, and Oxford University Press. Maura understands that changing an organization’s working practices can be a messy business, so she balances finding the right technical solution with a focus on practical implementation, including a solid approach to change management and content governance.

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