Where DITA Meets Asthetic Design (and why it matters)

When creating technical documentation, educational materials, or other topic-based content, the most important thing is to ensure your publications contain all the information your customers need to succeed.
It doesn’t really matter how your documents look, right? In fact, it’s so hard to create visually-compelling publications from DITA that it’s really not worth the effort. Right?!
Organizations are increasingly seeing the value of investing in a customer’s entire product journey. A consistent and enjoyable experience—from marketing through to purchase, implementation, and beyond—increases customer engagement.

Every step in your customer’s journey becomes part of the story your business is telling.
So what do you want that story to be? Are you creating interesting, easy-to-read, on-brand documents that speak to your customer? Or are you (and your customers) suffering from a bad case of mediocre design?

In this session, we’ll present a case for why good visual design is an important factor for any organization publishing structured, topic-based content, whether it’s technical or educational.
We’ll also demonstrate that creating visually appealing documents using DITA source content is not only possible but achievable, even with automated publishing workflows!

Finally, we’ll discuss strategies for developing a unified, organization-wide approach to design and content management, ensuring that your customers enjoy the best possible experience at all stages of their journey with your brand.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Aesthetic Design has become and important factor in publishing DITA content. This is partly driven by educational and learning content publishers adopting DITA, where pedagogical content is authored and managed in topics which are productised as traditional text books. In addition many technical documentation groups are now being closely aligned with marketing to provide a single unifying experience the consumer.

Meet the presenter

Chandi joined Typefi in 2006, and has over two decades of publishing and media technology experience. His publishing experience ranges from travel publishing at CIO at Lonely Planet to Scholarly Publishing. Chandi is a recognized expert in Accessible and multi-lingual publishing He has acted as a technology consultant to corporations and government agencies around the world, and is a frequent conference speaker in the areas of content management, publishing, media, XML, structured content and digital rights management.

Chandi is a board member of a number of industry bodies and has degrees in Engineering and Computer Science.

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