Join the Center for Information-Development Management for the 22nd Annual DITA North America Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, April 27-29, 2020.
We are a community of people who believe that international standards, structured content, reuse capabilities, and multiple media delivery are the
directions of the future.

What to Expect

More than 80 presenters, 15 Sessions in the Technology Test Kitchen, an exhibit hall packed with the best content management solutions, and the very best in industry networking, DITA North America is designed with your specific needs in mind—providing strategies you can use immediately as you create and manage technical content.

Keynote speaker

Kristina Halvorson is the CEO and founder of Brain Traffic, the coauthor of Content Strategy for the Web, the founder of Confab Events, and the host of The Content Strategy Podcast. Her consultancy Brain Traffic is recognized as a global leader in content strategy and serves enterprise clients around the world.

Kristina Presents:
Connecting Enterprise Teams through Content Strategy

Who should attend

Those new to content management and/or DITA will find guidance for starting their journey, while for experts, our program offers ways to continue pushing the boundaries. Join us for a chance to share what you already know and find out about things you don’t!

We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix, in April!

Things to know

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