How to view Instagram stories anonymously: the advantage of modern apps

Today, the world of mobile applications is in a process of irreversible progress. No modern user can do without a smartphone even in a few days, as mobile devices have become our helpers in all fields of activity. They have become indispensable tools in everyday life, education and professional tasks.

Also, smartphones help us communicate with our friends and colleagues. In turn, software is an integral component of any mobile device without which it would be non-functional. Concerning communication with other smartphone users, social media has become the main tool. Today, they are the first most popular communication tool — they have left even phone calls in second place at this so-called top.

In addition to official social media applications, there are also third-party apps, which contain functions that are not included in social network apps. Among them is Insta Viewer, which helps to view stories from Instagram anonymously and not be registered in the list of viewers for the user who posted his or her story. In this article, we consider the main ways to view stories in that way.

How to view stories on Instagram anonymously

Stories on Instagram are a useful tool through which users can share interesting moments from their everyday lives and beautiful travel photos. This content is removed from stories after 24 hours after its posting, but this is not the main minus of it. Many users do not like that the creator of the IG story can see them in a viewer’s list. For this reason, developers have created special applications and services that allow users to view stories and remain anonymous. Let’s look at the most relevant ones.

Today, there is not just one Instagram viewer with which you can remain anonymous after a visit to the content of a particular user you like. Many of them are free and do not even require authorization from users. However, they only help view stories from open accounts — if your profile is private, you can forget about this feature. Privacy is an important part of the modern Internet world.

Also, some IG viewers have a function for story content downloading, but not all services provide it for free.

  • Insta viewer. It is a convenient tool that will allow you to visit the stories of any Instagram user and not fear that he or she will see you in the list of their viewers. You can also use this tool online on the website.
  • Story Saver. This program helps users not only view stories but also download them. With this program, you can no longer worry about losing the content of your favourite blogger after 24 hours after its posting. Story Saver is a replacement for the official Instagram app, as you can even visit IGTV on its platform. This application is relevant for Android.
  • Storized. This is a great iPhone application that allows users to view stories anonymously and not be afraid of glitches from the software. This program is free, so the only drawback of it is advertisements on screen.


The world of mobile applications is becoming more versatile and suitable for any smartphone user. Today it is difficult to imagine such a mobile device, which could do without special software. Also important are not only official applications such as apps of popular social networks or software from smartphone or tablet manufacturers but also third-party applications, which support users and help them use official software to the maximum. Besides, you remain legal while using them, and this is an undoubted advantage of such useful tools. We wish you a pleasant use of these programs!

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