Best reading apps

Today it is no longer necessary to buy paper books or choose the right electronic devices to read interesting literature. Installing free reading apps is a great solution. They are suitable not only for smartphones but also for laptops and tablets.


FBReader is a very convenient application. It is perfect for reading books on smartphones or computers. The application provides convenient access to large libraries and allows users to add special directories. It also has an extremely clear and user-friendly interface, where users can change the settings of the reader to their liking. The program is available for Android and IOS devices, as well as for macOS.


SumatraPDF is a very simple reader that supports many different formats. Even comic book fans will like it. The app has an extremely simple interface and a minimum number of settings. Settings include changing sizes and types of font and choosing optimal navigation through the book’s table of contents. The program is available for Windows.


ReadEra is a completely free application that allows users to read a lot of interesting books. This reader is very convenient and easy to use. A lot of people use it, and there is a good reason for that. The program supports many different formats and allows users to print books from archives. Here you can customize the style of the app and activate the mode for night reading. You can also enable animation for unusual page flipping while reading. The program also allows you to read several books at the same time. It has a convenient split-screen mode for this.


Calibre is a true library in a convenient digital form. The program allows users to quickly open absolutely any format and easily convert it. If you want, you can also use cross-device synchronization. The application has convenient settings for changing the background, layout, and fonts. There is also a preview option.

Apple Books

At first, it may seem that Apple never releases free applications. But actually, that is not true. The very simple and convenient Apple Books reader is an excellent proof of this. Although the program has a very minimalistic design, it has everything you need for comfortable reading. In particular, it has the functions of highlighting quotes, creating bookmarks, and changing the font. The application also adjusts automatically to a certain time, synchronizes with different devices, and allows users to listen to books in audio format.


AlReader is a very convenient program. The developers have created an incredibly simple application that is easy to use. It offers users the ability to easily search through the library, change profile colors, customize fonts, indents, brightness, and screen colors, select animations for scrolling, and many other interesting features.


Many people will appreciate the advantages of CoolReader. It offers a wide range of settings. Users can customize everything to their liking. In addition, the application toolbar allows you to make notes and work with dictionaries, change the animation of flipping book pages, and listen to texts in audio format.


PocketBookReader is a very convenient application designed specifically for smartphones. The program has incredibly wide functionality. It allows you to listen to interesting audiobooks, read your favorite comics, and open books from your library. Users can choose the optimal interface and convenient reading mode, as well as adjust the font size and style.

There are many other equally interesting readers. The list above describes only the main ones. Each user can decide which program is best for them. If you want, you can try several different readers and choose the one that suits you best.

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