Reasons for downloading free apps from special sites

As a rule, smartphone users with Android download the applications they need from the official Google app store and are not even aware of the existence of alternative options. And there are many variants of some independent online platforms that improve the lives of modern users thanks to the presence of a huge range of mobile software. However, it won’t be very easy for you to download from there, but it’s still not much more difficult than with the Play Market. However, you should probably try download free android apps.

How Google policy affects users

If you look around Play Market today, you’ll see that there are thousands of different useful programmes out there. And some users honestly don’t understand why they need to look for alternatives. This is the question that you can satisfy with such answers as:

  1. Today, programmes from Google are not available on all smartphones. For example, you may miss their presence in new Chinese smartphones. But among them are a lot of famous brands that sell their products in all countries of the world.
  2. Due to Google’s limitations, many useful apps will never make it into its range. As a rule, these are the most unique and effective programmes that open up to users unprecedented before.

Of course, in both cases, users are looking for ways to circumvent existing restrictions. Many special sites help them in this difficult issue, which puts in free access to a variety of applications. You can be sure that their range significantly exceeds what Play Market is able to offer. The only thing you need to master is apk-files, which will need to be pre-downloaded to your device.

The essence of apk files

The “APK” is an extension of special executable files. Windows users are familiar with their Bill Gates operating system counterpart in the form of EXE files. We should clarify that the principle of operation and purpose of EXE and APK files are the same. Therefore, the smartphone user must first download such a file on their device and then start the installation process.

If you want to compare the installation process through an APK file to how the Play Market is installed, you should know that in the first case, you will need to perform only one additional action:

  1. First, the user should find a particular programme.
  2. Then, he or she must press the Download button.
  3. After downloading the file, it should find the downloaded apk file on its phone and click on it to start the installation process.
  4. Once the application is installed, you should delete the installation file to avoid disk contamination.

Also, some of these steps have become even easier lately. Once upon a time, you had to first search for the downloaded programme through the built-in file manager, but now, you don’t have to do this. You will see a message allowing you to start the installation immediately after downloading the file you want. Moreover, many developers add a special feature to the programme update that triggers automatic erasing of apk files after the application is installed.

Risks in downloading software from special websites

When users download files from independent Internet sites, they start to worry. In fact, you should not worry at all. The fact is that similar platforms use the same security protocols as the Play Market. That is why no one hacker can upload malware to a similar site, as well as replace one or another programme by his own version.

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