Setting a Standard for Intelligent Content

Smart factories and the Internet of Things require intelligent content that humans and machines can understand alike. For this, we need to design fine-granular content that is enriched with metadata for context-aware use.

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are based on the idea that plants, devices, and components connect intelligently with each other. But how can we connect device and software documentation content from different manufacturers? They use different terms, different levels of content granularity, and different metadata. This is where iiRDS, the new standard for the delivery of intelligent content, comes into play. It aims to standardize the metadata that we deliver together with our documentation to make the content semantically accessible.

Based on use cases for intelligent content, this session will introduce the components and capabilities of iiRDS. We will show examples from successful iiRDS implementations and demonstrate the good fit between DITA and iiRDS.

What can the audience expect to learn?

We will explore
– Typical use cases for intelligent content
– Scope and purpose of iiRDS
– Main components of iiRDS: metadata model and package format
– Integration of DITA as authoring standard and iiRDS as delivery standard
– How to create iiRDS content
– Examples of iiRDS implementations from the industry

Meet the presenters

Mark is a technical consultant at parson and supports clients from the software industry regarding authoring tools and publishing solutions. DITA, DocBook, and other document type definitions are part of his daily routine. Due to his experience as a technical writer, he knows XML-based authoring firsthand. Mark has been an acting member of the iiRDS working group from the start.




Ulrike Parson is the founder and CEO of parson AG. The company is based in Hamburg and is specialized in technical communication, knowledge management, and consulting. Ulrike’s areas of expertise are content strategy, intelligent content, and developer documentation. Ulrike is an acting member of the iiRDS Steering Committee.

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