Capture user feedback as a task in the Vasont Inspire CCMS

Can your end users provide feedback from your documentation portal? Can you capture and track that feedback with the associated content in your CCMS? Can you initiate an assignment when the feedback is captured in your CCMS? Vasont Inspire integrates with documentation portals to create an assignment for a designated user to review the feedback and take action. Join this session to see the feedback workflow in action.

Meet the presenter

Deb Bissantz is an application engineer for Vasont Systems. Before joining Vasont Systems, Deb worked with and authored DITA content for more than 13 years. As a writer and tools administrator, she helped several organizations migrate technical documentation to DITA and to component content management systems.

Deb is also a voting member of the DITA Technical Committee. She co-authored the DITA 1.2 Feature Article: “Roles and Responsibilities of a DITA Adoption.”

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